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Funny Golf Trophy WANKER Award Most Strokes Award Loser Last Place Trophy Adult Humor Gag Gift Golden Wanker Testicle Birthday Personalized

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This is a hilarious and sure to make you laugh Trtophies With A Twist EXCLUSIVE trophy! Gives a new meaning to "gag gift" or would be great for a loser trophy.

The trophy is an 7" Loser trophy or Golden Wanker Award for too many strokes. Also a great "Grow A Pair" gag gift, Sacko Award, Loser Award or Second Place. It is mounted on a black base and includes engraving.

Wanker Trophy
Wanker Award
Golden Wanker Award
Golden Wanker Trophy
Funny Masterbation
Most Strokes Award
Dickhead Award
Golden Dickhead
FFL Loser trophy
FFL Loser
Funny Trophy
penis trophy
dickhead trophy
FFL Trophy
Fantasy Football Trophy
Fantasy Football League Trophy
Football Trophy
You Suck Balls
Awww Nuts
Sacko Award
Loser Trophy
FFL Loser Trophy
FFL Loser
Sacko Award
Golf trophy
over par
golf loser award
golf loser trophy
gag gift
guys weekend
too many strokes
Most Strokes Award
Fantasy Trophy
Fantasy Football Trophy