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Trophies With A Twist

Valetine's Day Funny Trophy Best Boyfriend Award Knight In Shining Armor Best Dad Award Gag Gift Valiant Effort Award Adult Humor

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This is a great trophy to recognize a valiant effort, your Knight In Shining Armor or a Halloween Costume Contest Winner Trophy. It is a super cool Knight in Shining Armor. It stands 7” tall and has been mounted to a black base with an engraved plate.

Great for scariest costume, pumpkin carving or best costume, most creative costume. . Also great for a vintage Halloween decor

Please be sure to check out our other Halloween trophies!

If you dont see what you are looking for, convo us! We'd love to her your ideas!!

Halloween Trophy
Halloween trophies
scariest costume
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Halloween decor
pumpkin carving contest
raven on a skull
crow on a skull
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Day of the Dead
Dead Pool
Dia De Los Muertos
Diamond tread skull
Shill and snake
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Most creative costume
Knight in Shining Armor
Valiant Effort
Valiant Effort Award
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine Gift
Valentine's Day Gift
Best Boyfriend Award
Boyfriend Trophy
Best Dad Award
Best Dad Trophy
Gag Gift
Adult Humor